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Embracing Imperfection: The Joy of Art Journaling with Everyday Materials

Embracing Imperfection: The Joy of Art Journaling with Everyday Materials

From stumbling upon mesmerizing spreads on Pinterest to discovering her own therapeutic routine, Hana Nakhwa's artistic journey has been a testament to the transformative power of self-expression. With a penchant for turning ordinary scraps into extraordinary works of art, she encourages others to embrace journaling as a personal voyage of discovery and a source of profound peace and satisfaction. You can follow her on IG @artistically._.yours


Pinterest introduced me to the world of journaling. Intrigued by all the pretty spreads I saw, I felt like trying out the medium myself, trying out various journaling styles. I even attempted traditional writing, but quickly realised I wasn’t meant for that. Eventually, I settled on creating spreads inspired by lines from books, poems, and the internet that stuck with me. Very quickly art journalling became a therapeutic routine

I started journaling when fancy art supplies weren’t easily available in India, and the few supplies that I did manage to get, I did not have the heart to use. So my spreads were usually made out of magazine cutouts, random cute paper from some packaging, bus/train tickets, bills, basically trash that could pass off as aesthetic, and making art out of trash has its own satisfaction. 

journal junk treasure material spread blue

Today I have a lot of easy to use, fancy supplies, and somehow even the heart to actually use them. When I use a written words stamp for my background these days I never forget how once I used to lessen the stick of a cello tape, then stick it on newspaper so it picks onto the print and then use it as aesthetic written background.  Now I have readymade washi tape and stamps for that. I love that I got to play around with my own set of diy supplies back then and have the privilege and access to the readymade versions of it now. 

JOURNAL Spread girl  black and white journal spread

My journaling style has changed over the years considering how I started 4 years back but one thing that has been a constant is the pleasure, satisfaction and peace that journaling has always bought me.

 journal spread abstract      JOURNAL SPREAD 

If you're considering starting a journaling practice but feel intimidated by the elaborate spreads you see online and doubt your own creativity, let me assure you that creativity is not a prerequisite. All you need is a handful of scraps and papers, a willingness to explore, and the commitment to sit down and begin. Journaling is a deeply personal experience, and it's not about being the most artistic or imaginative person. It's about finding your own unique way of expressing yourself and discovering the therapeutic benefits that journaling offers. So, don't hold back—dive into the world of journaling and let it unfold in ways you never imagined.

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