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Journaling for Financial Planning and Monthly Budgets 💰💸

Journaling for Financial Planning and Monthly Budgets 💰💸

In Kooshlee Knowledge Series by Mahima, we bring to you tips and templates for planning, time management, financial goal setting and maintaining habits. In this edition, part 2 of the series, she talks about how to go about Monthly Financial Planning. Here are four tips to get you started.

Do you give in to impulsive shopping? Do you find yourself suddenly low on funds during an emergency situation? Do you keep postponing something on your wish list each time because you simply don’t have sufficient savings to afford that simple pleasure? Worry not! We all possibly have fallen victims of these consequences of poor or lack of personal financial planning. Good news is that it is never too late to relook into it and shape the future to what we want it to be! 


Here are a few simple steps to get your personal monthly finance planner sorted:

  • Define your financial goals: This could be saving up to buy new kooshlee supplies or a kooshlee trip with friends or even setting cash aside to haul during a book fair! Identify your category and create an overview. 

  • Manage your income: This could simply be done by creating a budget so that you don’t have to panic or wonder if you have the money as you already know. Simply put, planning and monitoring your budget will help you prioritize your spending as well as identify wasteful expenditures, adapt quickly as your financial situation changes, and achieve your financial goals.
  • Measure your progress: Regularly contributing a specific amount of money toward a savings account or repayment of debt over a period of time is a realistic way to measure your progress on a financial planner. Having a personal financial plan will help maintain discipline towards maintaining within set targets and thus achieving the set goals.

  • Make a provision for emergencies: Savings are always a cushion for rainy days. Depending on your financial capabilities, always hold a cash reserve for unforeseeable circumstances. 

We have provided a basic monthly budget planner template for you below to start being judicious with your Ka-Ching from today! 

Get free high resolution monthly budget planner printable here.

kooshleestore_MONTHLY BUDGET PLANNER_template_for me

Comment and tell us about your financial planning tips and tools!

Stay tuned for Monthly Habit tracker in the upcoming blog.

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