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Inspiration and Tips with Anwesha

Inspiration and Tips with Anwesha

In the latest Kooshlee Knowledge Series, we bring to you @shades.of.my.feelings- an art journaling artists. We interviewed her to learn more about what motivated her to make art and how she manages to be consistent. Do check out her account for inspiring flatlays on IG and Moj. 

Kooshlee words: experiment, balance, plan

About her: Anwesha is a computer science engineer and a part-time artist, with no particular art style. She loves to explore and try new things everyday. 


🌸  Tell us a little about your art journaling journey as shades.of.my.feelings. How did it all begin?
Whenever I would get time I would just take all the scrap and waste stuff and paste it in my journal and make a journal spread. I started posting these on my account. At that time I had no idea I could come so far. My only motive was to utilise my free time and art and craft being the one thing I liked most. All the creativity would just flow down my head, I had to put it somewhere, that’s how I started this page.

🌸  Where do you source your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from people and my surroundings. I see so many amazing artists, and when I see them I feel like I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and explore more. This is one of the reasons why I never stick to one art medium or art form, I keep on experimenting. The whole point of me doing art is to explore my potential, to make myself aware that even I am capable of a lot of things and most of all, to avoid overthinking, because I am a bad bad over thinker. So art basically keeps me busy, productive, and has taught me so many things like managing my time and how to be productive.

🌸  What do you do on days when you don’t feel as inspired. When you feel overwhelmed?
On low days, I watch a movie, or a series, or play games, if I don’t feel like painting I just don’t. And honestly speaking, I can’t really paint when I'm sad or stressed, unlike other artists, who are able to paint and create art if they are sad, that’s just not me. I can only paint when I am happy, or neutral. Other times, I watch movies, and treat myself.

🌸  How do you balance your routine while being consistent with art?
Balance is most important in life, because if you don’t know how to balance your work, life, family, hobby in the right amount, it’ll just overshadow the other stuff, and that’s not good. 

So, I make a routine, and plan my day one day before. Even while studying I plan the topics I have to cover, and once my target is fulfilled I leave my chair. I don’t mix things. Study time is purely study, while art and fun time has to be art and fun, that helps a lot, and that’s how I manage everything.

Kooshlee people, tell us about how you stay motivated and inspired even on low days in the comments below!

Stay Kooshlee 🌸

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