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Magic of Monthly Habit Planner 📅

We bring to you Part 3 of Kooshlee Knowledge Series on financial planning, time management and productivity by Mahima B. In this edition, she talks about monthly habit planner. Read on, to get tips on developing habits and maintaining a monthly planner!

What motivates us the most? 
It's most often: PROGRESS!
When we get a signal that we are moving forward, we become more motivated to continue down that path. In this way, habit tracking can have an addictive effect on motivation. Each small win feeds your desire.

When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to forget about all the progress you have already made. Habit tracking provides visual proof of your hard work and certainly serves as a subtle reminder of how far you've come. Plus, the empty square you see each morning can motivate you to get started because you don't want to lose your progress by breaking your streak! (Trust us on this one, habit streaks >>> Snapchat!)

It is satisfying to cross an item off your to-do list, to complete an entry in your workout log, or to mark an X on the calendar. It feels good to watch your results grow and if it feels good, then you’re more likely to endure. With that being said, here’s how you can easily set up a habit tracker and work towards becoming the most powerful version of yourself! 

Find Monthly habit tracker ( printable and downloadable) here for free. Happy tracking!
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