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Templates you must have to kick your 2023! 🙌

Templates you must have to kick your 2023! 🙌

Having a template can save you time in the long run as you won't need to start from scratch each time you want to make something new.These templates are a good way for you to create or track something quickly and efficiently, from a standard framework that has been successful in the past. The kooshlee templates allows you to reuse certain standard section and fill and visualise your success!💯

We have collected bunch of digital printable templates to kick your 2023 🗝️ and make it shine. 👏

1. Monthly Calendar & Planner 2023 📅 
Get 2023 Printable monthly calendar and planner. 📅 It has 2023 year overview sheet and 12 months calendar. Each sheet contain notes space at the bottom. It gives you an overview of all the months with week number in starting of each week, starting with Monday. Using this printable calendar, jot down key events in your daily planning. Put it it up on your work or study desk. Find it here.


Kooshlee store_mealplanner_template

2. Weekly Meal Planner 🍲  
Plan your meals with kooshlee Weekly Meal Planner printable! 🖨️. This template can help you plan your weekly meals: Lunch, Breakfast and dinner. 🍽️ In Addition, add snacks to your weekly planning. It has space to write your grocery list and notes. This would avoid unnecessary grocery purchases as well. Enter which week you are the top left corner! Find it here



3. The feeling wheel 🌈
Lot of times, we can’t quite name what’s arising within us.The feeling wheel is assets you understand yourself and your feelings. We love it as a way to better understand, recognise, and communicate our feelings. In this wheel, look and scan the wheel to discover what adjective best describes your state and then allow that understanding to empower how you want to meet the moment.🎯 

We included a black & white version of the feelings wheel so that you can color it yourself. Color the wheel is an opportunity to get to know and contemplate each word. Print out it and hang on your wall/ study desk. Find it here.

4.  Monthly Habit Tracker 📅  
Idea of the Habit Tracker is to help you in keeping motivated and keep a check on you! Pick things you would like to make as a habit. You habits can range from going to bed at same time to reading 10 mins a day to exercise 2 times a week. Kooshlee has created template for you to fill in the month and list up to 10 habits that you would like to track. Pick one one or upto 10. Some habits, you might want to bring daily into your life, some over weekends or some one day a week. Pick how you want to distribute your habits. Don't overwhelm yourself with 10 habits, every day. It will only demotivate you!
t the end of the month, you'll be able to view your progress (or efforts). 
All month long, note (fill the box or put check in the box) of the good habits you're working to maintain each day. You've got this!  Find it here. 🏆

In the end, these templates are only framework. Adapt it, make it your own version.

Please share in the comments, How you are planning to use it.

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