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Unveiling the Top 5 Art Supplies for Your Art Journaling Adventure in India

Unveiling the Top 5 Art Supplies for Your Art Journaling Adventure in India

Welcome to Kooshlee Store, India, where creativity meets cute stationery! If you're a budding artist who loves art journaling, you're in for a treat. In this blog post, our Kooshlee Tribe member, Ayushi Yadav (@huffpuffboo) shares the top five essential art supplies that will make your art journaling journey even more exciting.Β 


Introduction: My Journey into Art Journaling

For two years now, I've been on an exciting journey of journaling. It all started when I came across a post on Instagram that showed a journal spread decorated with lots of creative stuff. That's when I realised that journaling is more than just writing down thoughts – it's a way to express yourself with art and creativity. I began by taking a small diary from my dad's desk and using random things around the house to get creative. Even though my early tries didn't look that great, I felt so happy just making things.

As time went on, I started getting supplies to make my spreads look better and save time searching for materials. My journaling adventure became a mix of different styles, with drawings, doodles, washi tapes, scrap papers, and stickers filling my pages. It's hard to put a single definition on what an art journal is, because it's different for everyone and shows off their unique creative ideas.

I want to share my top five must-have supplies that I've found through my own journey. Links in titles below to find similar products on Kooshlee Store!

Essential Supplies for Your Art Journaling Adventure

  1. A Journal: Your Creative Playground πŸ“”

Having a high-quality journal is like having your own creative playground. It's the foundation of your art journaling journey. You can choose from different types of pages – plain, dotted, or gridded – whatever suits your style. Once you have your journal, you're all set to start your creative adventure!


  1. Washi Tapes: Instant Color and Fun 🌈

Washi tapes are like bursts of color and fun for your journal pages. They come in all sorts of patterns and colors, and they're super easy to use. Stick them down in different ways to add a pop of color and creativity to your pages.Β Don't hesitate to try them in unique ways, enhancing your spreads while sparking fresh thinking outside the norm.

Look how I used the washi tape from Kooshlee Store to create a cute outfit!

washi tape kooshlee cute

  1. Stickers: Quick and Quirky πŸŽ‰

Stickers are a top pick in my journaling toolbox. They bring quick charm and boost the entire look of my pages. With lots of designs and sizes, these stick-on treasures let me customise my journal easily. Stickers offer detailed art without needing to draw or paint, which is great for fast decoration. Try different styles by placing stickers in fun ways for varied looks and moods. They're one of my favourites for adding a pop of creativity!

kooshlee store stickers easy

  1. Vellum Booklet: Adding a Touch of Magic ✨

Using vellum booklets in your journal is like sprinkling a touch of magic onto your pages. These special sheets can make your pages look more elegant or intriguing. Experiment with different mediums like pens, watercolors, and markers on vellum, and watch your pages come alive!

vellum booklet kooshlee

  1. Brush Pens: Your Creative Tool πŸ–‹οΈ

Brush pens are like a creative wand that lifts your journal spreads to new heights. Their flexible nature enables beautiful hand-lettering and typography, making headings and quotes stand out with unique style. Whether outlining, underlining, or adding accents, brush pens are great for fast embellishments. It adds your unique writing style and strokes shine through, making your journal truly yours.

brush pens


Start Your Art Journaling Journey Today!

Kooshlee StoreΒ is here to kick-start your art journaling journey with these five essential supplies. From journals and washi tapes to stickers – we've got everything you need to make your journal truly yours. 🌟

Note: All images provided by author. Kooshlee Store is not responsible for any copyrights.

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