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What is vision board and Why you should create one now? 🎬

What is vision board and Why you should create one now? 🎬

You might be familiar with terms like moodboard, style board, inspiration board. Recently, there has been lot of talks around vision board, specially with the new year, so we thought why not break the mystery around it and help you with shaping your dreams with a Vision board challenge! 💭💡

Wondering what to do with the blank pages in your new 2023 journal? Let's make a fun and powerful vision board!

Vision boards are not only fun to plan and create, they are a powerful reminder as well when you're feeling off-track from your goals or demotivated! 💝

So, what are vision boards exactly? 🤔

Vision board is often used as a visual tool for setting and achieving personal and professional goals. Vision board is a place where you are visualizing what you want to be, where you to go- it can be in any sphere of life- career, travel, fitness etc. It is a collage of images, words, and affirmations that represent your goals and desires that motivates you. 💎

The idea behind a vision board is that by constantly viewing the images and affirmations, a person will be reminded of their goals and inspired to take action to achieve them. 👣

Vision boards are powerful tools for manifestation. They can help you think about and plan for the future in a creative and innovative way and work towards your dreams, every single day.

How to make a vision board that inspires you every day?

Here are a few tips to help you design your vision board:

  1. Clear and visionary: The first step is to visualize with clarity on what you want the vision board to be about. What are your dreams for this month or year?
  2. Get creative: Creating a vision board can be a creative and fun process. It allows you to get creative with the images and words that you choose, and to express yourself in a unique and personal way. So, make a commitment to be true to your inner core and make vision board that honors YOU.
  3. Open to improvements and u-turns: Vision board should be updated and modified as your goals and aspirations change, so it is a flexible tool that can be adapted to your needs. So, think about its placement and design in a way that allows you to make constant updates to your vision.
  4. Remind yourself, everyday: Put it at a place where you can see it everyday. Whether you put it up on a wall, or have it in your daily diary- it's upto you. But make sure that it forms a part of your daily routine and you can see if when you need a boost!

In summary, creating a vision board can be a powerful tool for personal development and goal setting. It can help you to clarify your goals, stay motivated, visualize your aspirations, be creative, flexible and achieve your personal development goals.

Feeling inspired? Let's create our best lives together! 🤩 Also see our other blog for a step-by-step guide to make your vision board.

Stay tuned for next steps and take part in Kooshlee vision board challenge now. 

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