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Vintage Bullet Journals: Decorative Small Cards (100 Cards)

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35mm x 49mm small cards with themed patterns. Made of cardboard. One set contains 100 cards. These cards are reversible, so you get 200 patterns in each deck!


You can use these pretty tiny cards for scrapbooking, as quick gift tags, or as bookmarks (punch a hole and tie a thread!). You can also keep this at the back of your phone if you have a transparent cover, and just reverse the card when you want a change.

Choose from a range of four designs or create an assortment!Ā 

Why so kooshlee?

We picked these because we think that cards like these are versatile to use and can complete any gift or hobby project instantly. We especially loved that they are reversible, come in thick quality paper and well packed! The best part is, there are so many designs that you will never get bored.


P.S- They are the size of a little finger. They look bigger in images :)