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50 pc. Delicate Paper Decal Washi Label Art stickers ▭ ( 50 pc/ booklet)

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These Vintage Style Paper Sheets are so subtle yet so versatile that we can't stop thinking of ideas on how to use them in your next jounal.

We are so excited so here are some ideas for you

1. Use handmade paper as background for your scrapbook pages. This can add texture and interest to your pages, and you can choose papers in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your theme.

2. Cut out shapes from the handmade paper and use them as embellishments on your pages. For example, you could cut out stars, hearts, or flowers and use them to decorate your pages.

3. Use handmade paper to create unique tags or labels for your scrapbook. For example, you could cut out small rectangles of handmade paper, write a caption or title on them, and then attach them to your pages using adhesive or string.

4. Use handmade paper as a base for creating your own embellishments, such as flowers or butterflies. You can use punches, dies, or scissors to cut out the shapes you want, and then layer and assemble them to create your own unique embellishments.

And yes, don't forget to have fun.

Quantity: 50 pieces

Material: Paper

(Colors might vary because of the different screen resolution. Size and packing might vary at a bit pictures)🌸🏹🌿🌱🔮