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Ink stamp kit 🎴

Ink stamp kit 🎴

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Scoop up a bunch of awesome rubber stamp pieces with the Kooshlee stamp kit—from different styles and patterns!
Paper, fabric, plastic, wood—you name it, it'll work on it!
Making thank-you cards, personalized bday cards, spicing up your journal? Check, check, and check! Kooshlee stamps are crafted with high-quality material and rubber, compatible with dye and pigment inks, easy to tote around, and a blast to use—
You can also use paint instead of pigment inks. 
You have to options to choose from. 
Stamp kit: Get stamps for under Rs. 795/- You'll get stamps worth Rs. 900!

Stamp kit with Ink Pad: If you want the stamp kit with an ink pad, no prob! That'll set  Rs. 955/- for you.

Whoa— Both the kits are like a party deal!*
(Psst: contents may vary depending on the stock. Image doesn't necessarily show what's actually in the stamp kit.)*


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