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Skog Notes Card 🍃🌺🌿

Skog Notes Card 🍃🌺🌿

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This one is for you kooshlee Fam.
Presenting Skog Notes: reflections on nature and its teachings.✨
Nature's an endless trail of inspiration and insight. When we asked our Kooshlee Family to tell us about their nature-inspired wisdom on our social media, we were amazed by their different stories and reflections. So we collected them all together as! 🫶🍀💕"Lessons I have learnt from nature"✨Discover 98 lessons in one go.  

Compiled in 2 variations: Print as Postcards or keep digital copy as a booklet. You can print it a postcard ( 5"x 7") or keep it as a digital booklet and read at your leisure.
Post card version comes with margins, the extra space around the edges of your design that allow for variations in the printing and trimming process.

This initiative is part of kooshlee skog collection- Inspired by the forest, nature and vintage aesthetics, an ode to being connected to nature. Check out skog collection here.

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